Final Paper submission

Final Paper submission

Upon receipt of the acceptance notice of the paper, the final manuscript of the paper can be submitted.
At this time, you must agree to the terms and conditions of the copyright transfer.
We ask you to submit the camera-ready form of your paper using the same template (Extended Abstract Template) by April 18.

Before submitting the final manuscript, however, you (or at least one author of your paper) have to register for ICESI 2022.
If you are unable to attend the conference on the spot, please note that cyber-registration is also possible at a lower cost, allowing you to attend the conference and present your paper online.

VOD submission method
To submit your VOD, please click the 쏰nline Paper Submission button below and go to the submission tab. Please click the 쁓ubmission or 쁌odification button at the bottom and upload the VOD file.

Online Paper Submission
For any inquiries or questions, please contact the ICESI2022 Secretariat.

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Tel. +82-70-4294-8561 / E-mail.